Fat Girl in a Blue Dress

I found the unicorn, you guys… I found the perfect fat-girl summer dress. Or rather, someone else found it, and I just kind of tagged along.

Almost a month ago, I was scrolling through Facebook on a lazy Sunday morning when I encountered this:


I love me some Jess Baker… And in this case, I was curious enough to follow the link. What is this magical unicorn dress of which she spoke?

Needless to say, this resulted in almost an hour of me scrolling through amazon, googly-eyed and staring. The Unicorn dress Jess ordered was not exactly my jam (not that fond of unicorns), but as it turned out, they have every imaginable pattern under the sun (and some I hadn’t imagined), as well as leggings and swimsuits.

It seemed too good to be true… A cute dress for under $20 in a plus size?

Not likely.

But I decided to be adventurous and take a chance. I ordered the dress, although I passed on the unicorn pattern. Instead I chose a tasteful, ice-blue geometric pattern on white. Here’s the image of the China-doll blond girl that amazon displays for the dress:


No way is this gonna turn out the way it actually looks in the picture, I thought…. Most of these things tend to be cheap dresses from China. I thoroughly expected my 2X dress to be cut small enough to fit a Barbie doll. And admittedly, there was a significant chance that it would smell funny and be handwash only. But sometimes, you gotta be a renegade.

It got here today.

And, you guys, I found my unicorn. You know, metaphorically.

It fits. It’s not too tight. Nor is it the ridiculously baggy tent so frequently found in plus size women’s catalogs (Roaman’s, I’m looking at you….). I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a muumuu and this one is distinctly un-muumuu-like.

Here’s me, lest you think I’m lying (it’s not a great photo and if I look annoyed, it’s because of the person who was taking the photo):


The colors are pretty and clean, as advertised, although you can find it in damn near any color/pattern you prefer. Seriously – you name it – Pizza and stars and donuts and Lord know what else. It’s got a scoop neck, with solid straps, so that I can wear a bra under it, and it has a reasonable neckline (i.e. not choking me and there is no danger of accidental flashing).

It’s versatile – I could totally see it as a beach cover-up. I could wear it out to dinner. I can wear it to work. It’s cute. It hits me right above the knee – not scandalously short but not matronly-long either. And it’s machine-washable. It is mostly polyester, so if you’re a stickler for ‘natural’ fibers, it’s not for you, but here’s the thing…

The plus size industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. And if I want a pretty dress, it’s not terribly difficult to find one – at City Chic or Kiyonna or Modcloth or Rebdolls, or a plethora of other really good sites that either focus on plus size women or carry larger sizes in addition to their regular ones.

But all of those would be expensive. Which isn’t exactly a problem – you’re paying for good quality and I understand that. When it comes to plus size clothes, you can find good things, but good and cheap never exist within the same Venn diagram. You can either find something good and high-quality and expensive… Or you can get a cheap, tent-like muumuu.

And sometimes you don’t want an investment piece. Sometimes, you don’t want an $80 dress that will last you forever.

Sometimes you just want some fun and frippy and flirty. Something you can throw on and head out the door. Something light and breezy and comfortable.

Something that feels like summer.

Today is officially the first day of summer, and this dress feels like summer to me.

I’ve got a great dress and a long, sweet stretch of warm days in which to wear it.

It’s going to be a great summer, you guys.

I can feel it.

Dress is here:



The brand is called CowCow. They make tons of stuff – dresses of different cuts/colors/patterns, leggings, swimsuits, etc. So much cute…





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